The Queen's had its canopy; this far end of The Promenade was still composition surfaced.
I think I can make out Art Gallery Terrace, therefore I doubt this is 1896. What do you think?
What date was Art Gallery Terrace, not forgetting that there were buidings immediately behind that of a much earlier date; This was the date that came with the photograph. The picture is an amateur one and it is rather blurred by that reason. I am not at all sure just where anything to the left of the picture could specifically be. Copy the picture and add a red spot to the point to which you are referring, please, and email it to me.
Will do. I may be wrong, it just looks like it, though very hard to tell even when zoomed in. I am not exactly sure when AGT was built, but it does not seem to appear in the 1901 census. I believe it may have been constructed around this time.
There are never any pictures turning up that were taken in the late 18c/very early 19c of Newlyn from Wherrytown, or the Green which would make dating much easier. (Not to mention be very interesting to see!) Very frustrating! ::15: sad#
Don t forget that Census records were prepared by the Enumerator, and it is entirely down to his paperwork, maybe the name was not yet up on the wall ... all kinds of hops go on .. try and fathom the Salford Census for 1891 for example. In order to read it you had to have a map of the town and follow the Enumerator s route. House by house.
I have been trying to find out for sure when this Terrace was built for a while with no joy.
If you cannot find a direct reference, you need to get hold of as many directories as possible, the census records, newspaper announcements as to marriages and births - they all have an address referenced.
Numbers 3 and 4 are Listed Buildings; I assume the rest of the terrace are similarly rated; check it out with the Authorities. They should have a date in the Listings.
Right, I have looked through the modern books of old photographs, and in Mount s Bay by Jonathan Holmes (Chalford) 1996, ISBN 0-7524-0601-9, page 50, top, there is a photograph of Tolcarne and Newlyn taken from the top of Lidden, I assume near the old reservoir, dated c1885. It clearly shows what is now called Art Gallery Terrace. It could not have received that name until well after the Opie Memorial was built in 1895. I believe the original of the picture is in the Penlee Collection. I again suggest that you go through the Census Records of Newlyn for 1881, 1891 and 1901, very carefully. You have to walk the walk of the Enumerator. I have had to do that so many times, my mental soles have worn out.
First house in Newlyn on the New Road (north side) was marked built 1887. There may be other dated buildings. I think that what is now named Art Gallery Terrace is earlier.
Hmmm. Interesting stuff. Don t have that book unfortunately. Had a look at 1891 census, nothing leapt out at me!

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