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The Air that I breathe ....

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by treeve, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. treeve

    treeve Major Contributor

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    Atmosphere ... Green House Effect? Global Warming? pollutants?
    We do not want irresponsible management of any industry or the loss of environment, or life.
    However some proportion should be maintained. We CAN affect sealife and forests, we can stop pollution on a local level. We can have a percentage effect on local air.....
    The atmosphere is not merely a layer of gases seven miles high .. that is where the 'weather' happens. The atmosphere is 700 miles high plus, of varying proportions of density of gases. Total atmosphere is some 440 million billion tons. It consists of hydrogen and oxygen. It is a volatile free mass of gases, and that involves both free movement and free chemical reaction, a process which has been developing over millions of years to produce an Element that gives Us Life. It is complex and combines in effort with radiation such as the Van Allen Belts and another Element, that of Water. None of this has happened overnight. Creation was a contract over a long period of time, and it is still developing and the Earth and its Element are still moving.
    Remember the panic over the 'hole in the ozone layer'. It is now realised that it is a normal function of the layer. Despite the known science of chlorofluocarbons and their harmful effects, which were and are measureable, it is now admitted that the computer models are flawed as the degree and process of cyclical change and barrier with final decay are better understood now ... the reason? Measurements only began in the 1920s, a decade before the advent of CFCs. By no means do I advocate Mr Midgley's gases for spray cans, but we have no yardstick nor do we have an analysis over any length of time to assess the action and process. The Van Allen Belts have been with us for a long time, and the only evidence that is left is the incidence or otherwise of evidence of cancer, as that is what they do, prevent the Sun's radiation in that spectrum from reaching Earth.
    That is the by-product of research into ancient deaths, from burial sites. There is no evidence of such change.

    Our Earth is wrapped up to the Karman Line at 60 odd miles above the surface in Air. What is Air? Basically 21% Oxygen .... we are now informed that Carbon Dioxide is a pollutant, yet 78% of our air is Nitrogen. Just 1 % occupies the remainder of the volume of air available to breathe. Water Vapour, which varies on local levels up to 4%, The big bad wolf of Carbon dioxide is merely 0.036 of the entire atmospehere, and is a natural and necessary by product of the vegetable world, as well as being emitted by the Earth itself. The degree of carbon dioxide produced by the breakdown of fossil fuels in our industrial world is an extremely small percentage, no matter how undesirable any form of pollution may be (I do not uphold it at all), it also has to be remembered that the Earth has her ways of dealing with much of the released carbon dioxide, not the least of which
    are trees - that great abused and unprotected specie that lives along side us, and has produced the stored fossil fuel that we are now burning. We all the time hear Green House Gases ... but it is those Green House gases that has allowed Humankind to survive at all on this planet .. we NEED the Green House Effect to live ... without it the Earth would be at surface air temperature 18 degrees below freezing.

    To place Carbon Dioxide into perspective ... Nature produces 180 billion tons every year. Man produces 6 billion tons per year. Carbon Dioxide in its entirety per year comprises 0.03 % of our Atmosphere. It is produced in wine fermentation for example. It is easy to lobb accusations at the Chinese over pollution, when their population policy has prevented 400 million more people being born and therefore having a greater effect on global carbon dioxide output than if they had capped all industrial output. But what has made worse is the same flawed reporting that brought about the search for WMD a while ago, and with the same disastrous effects on British Government.

    There are specific quantifying factor in global history and that is found in the movement of continental masses (plate techtonics) as well as in bio diversification (particularly in animal life that has developed with climatic coincidence), evidence found in carbon dating with its attendant timing which had to be adjusted due to later discoveries in the decay, with specifics such as ice cores where there is an accurate record of the constituent parts of our atmosphere ... all of which, with other records can give us an accurate picture of global atmospheric and weather changes over the millenia. Scientific observation is at its highest level and will continue.

    It is quite one thing to read of events in diaries and histories, it is another to see records in parallel, it is quite another to be shown graphs and charts which have been falsified by the scaremonering of politics and business. A lot is made by the media of the ice collapse from Antarctica, and I have it is to be respected, but it is no more than the annual changes, which Earth has handled for ages. If the viewer looks at real maps, and real charts, we are NOT looking at vast cataclysmic and nearly immediate doom and gloom; we must look after our atmosphere and planet on a unified and brotherly responsibility. The planet stands much chance of being obliterated by some massive and unforcastable cataclysm from deep space than the interventions of man, and to imagine that Man has the power to manage his own destiny is nothing less than the puny dreams of a flea thinking his power is more than an irritant on a dog.

    Global Warming is politically and media produced hype and it is a myth; the atmosphere and the Earth is doing what it has always done, fluctuated and adapted, the evidence is there.
  2. treeve

    treeve Major Contributor

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    I see the thread is still here, thanks ...

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