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Teenage heroes save the life of stunt biker suffering multiple skull fractures


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Carol Kenny with son Jack Kenny

A SOUTH East Cornwall mother says a group of teenagers are heroes for saving her son's life after he was seriously hurt in a bike accident.
Carol Kenny's son Jack, 14, was at St Cleer Skate Park on his BMX on Wednesday when a stunt went wrong and he suffered multiple fractures to his skull and face.
Three youngsters saw the incident and rushed to his aid.
The teenagers, who didn't know Jack, called the ambulance and worked together to clear his airways and stayed with him as he drifted in and out of consciousness.
Ms Kenny, from Pensilva, said: "Jack owes his life to these three very brave teenagers. I really feel they need to be recognised for their lifesaving actions and everyone should know who they are.
"They basically saved his life as he wasn't due to be picked up for at least another hour and was alone.
"This has got to have been the bravest thing they've ever done, a lot of kids would have run away but they saved his life.
"They are heroes. We owe them everything – there is nothing we could give them to thank them for what they have done.
"Their parents must be so proud. I can't believe what they did."
Jack, a student from Callington Community College, was riding his bike and doing a 360-degree stunt when he landed and fell head first onto concrete.
The youngsters, Matt Howlett from Liskeard, Ben Ackland from Pensilva and Emile Michaels from St Cleer, found Jack unconscious "in a pool of blood" and, working together, the boys found Jack's phone and called an ambulance.
His family then followed guidance from paramedics.
Jack was airlifted to Plymouth's Derriford Hospital where he remained for three days suffering from extensive damage to his face with fractures to several bones.
He had surgery and was sent home on Friday where he is now recovering.
Paramedics told Jack's family that his injuries were serious and he was very lucky the youngsters had been around to help.
Ms Kenny and Jack are hoping to meet up with the three boys this week to express their gratitude.
Jack, an experienced rider, had forgotten to take his helmet to St Cleer after a day in full protective armour downhill biking in local woods.
Ms Kenny said it was a big advertisement to children that they must wear a helmet.
The three teenagers are in Year 8 at Liskeard School and Community College.
Thirteen-year-old Emile, who helped to clear Jack's airways, said: "We were at the skate park talking but didn't see how he fell.
"We turned around when we heard the crash, and when he lifted his face up he was covered in blood.
"Ben rang for the ambulance and I phoned his parents. Then Ben and Matt went to meet the ambulance and I stayed with him and put pressure on his wounds.
"It came as a bit of a shock as we didn't expect this to happen."
Emile's mother Miss Alexander added: "He was quite shaken up when he got home. I'm surprised he handled it so well; it was traumatic. I'm very proud of him."
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