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Heamoor housing plans revealed (1980)


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This report is about the building proposal for housing on otherwise empty land.
Today Roscadghill Parc, Tremaine Close, Heabrook Parc, Nicholas Parc and Rosehill Gardens are built. Later (some 15 years on) Rosehill Meadows was added and later still Church View after the millennium.

NONE OF THE 156 HOUSES to be built at Heamoor will have garages. but open parking spaces will be available, it was recently revealed Presenting the first stage of the scheme to Penwith housing committee, Mr Alee Maund the principal architect, said the homes could not have garages as the money was not available.

The houses will be built in three fields said Mr. Maund and there will be a playing-field available-for children. There will be no direct access to the houses although collector ' roads will lead into car parking spaces and narrow - roads. It was hoped to make it more pleasant this way, said Mr. Maund- “All manner of vehicles will be able to reach the houses and there will be turning bays," he added.
The three fields are surrounded by pine trees and hedges" which will be preserved. There is also a stream which will be cleared for the main drainage point.
"The three fields have their own different character. There will be nine -different types of building. These include flats, houses for the disabled, three, four and five bed roomed houses.
"We have used different dwelling types to have a pleasant appearance. These various techniques have been used elsewhere." said Mr- Maund and he showed various slides to show how the site and houses would look. '"The value of the different roof lines add interest and are of a visual'-value,'' he said. "We shall have to give careful. Consideration to the type of ground surface". "Accommodation of all kinds adds a lot to the environment, it offers something different and is attractive to some people."
Heating has caused a problem said Mr. Maund. Gas. was the cheapest but there was a tendency to use electricity in the fiats. No chimneys will be built except if on the outset we decide on: solid fuel"

Tenders will be accented near September 1980 and the first houses will be expected to be completed 12 months after.
"Insulation standards will be the same but if we can improve we will- A three storey building will cost more money and where ever: there is a break in the roofline it will cost more. But these few; storey units will be worth every penny of the environmental scene we are creating." said Mr. Maund.
Mr. Harry Storer showed concern over the Open stream and said it could be a danger to children.Mr. Maapd said: "We learn to live with a number of danger, this particular danger could be potentially pleasant."

The chairman Mrs Jack Nicholas said: It is only about three inches deep and a natural playground 'for children."
Mr. Maund said the scheme was designed in such a way that if money limits became stretched they wouldn’t be able to build a house or a stretch of road.

Mr. R. V. A. Allbright said: "l think we should get on with the building of the houses before they cost anymore."

Mr. Nicholas said the building could be, done in sections and should not be started later than 1980.
The recommendations were accepted They were that the scheme as submitted should be adopted for consultation; that the deemed consent of the secretary of state for the environment be sought for the development in accordance with the regulation for the Town and County Planning Act; that the chief planning officer be instructed to enter a copy of the resolution together with the scheme drawings in part 1 of the register of planning application and that the chief technical officer be instructed to obtain tenders for the work.

A recommendation that the chairman of housing-services committee and the chairman of the resource committee be authorised to open and accept the lowest suitable tender was amended. The decision will now be made at a special housing committee.