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End of the British pub

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Halfhidden, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. Halfhidden

    Halfhidden Untouchable Staff Member Administrator

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    It seems that now the government has suppressed the tobacco companies, restricted civilians rights and very nearly killed off one of the oldest industries in the country all in the name of health!
    since 2006 on average 25 pubs close a day in the UK. Prior to that the industry was actually increasing at a steady rate. So what happened?
    In 2006 the "smoking" ban came into effect and pubs have been closing at an alarming rate ever since. The ban had a direct hit on the "local" because all of a sudden they had to supply new facilities for smokers that cost £ thousands. Those who could not adapt simply disappeared. Attendance dropped and suddenly the great British pub is under attack!

    Well that was 2006 and most people have accepted the smoking ban even if they didn't agree with it. But the attack on the great British pub was about to get worse.
    New regulations swept the country (oddly mostly via local bi laws) that controlled drinking in the streets. This was packed up and presented to the united people as a good thing. "Hoodies drinking in the streets... are you safe?" well that's the way it came across to me at the time. But what really happened was that the local pub suddenly lost the right to have a garden table outside for drinkers. The industry fought back and did at least claim back this ground.
    Soon after the police and councils placed restrictions on landlords of pubs to prevent more than 10 people from going outside to have a fag. Hang on! wasn't it them who said you can't smoke inside in the first place.
    In 2009 Penzance was chosen to host a model scheme that was to become known as "Penzance street safe"
    On the surface it looked as if once again local authorities were trying to do the right thing and police the streets late at night. But once you look at the initiative you'll see a very different agenda. I was caught up in the roll out of "Penzance street safe" and I unearthed some seriously disturbing findings. So disturbed was I about what I discovered that I went head to head with the establishment. A court date was set and my initial evidence was supplied to the court... soon after the council and police dropped their case against my client.
    "Street safe" in my opinion was nothing more than an initiative to close down as many late night opening pubs and clubs to save money on policing.
    Well that was then I here you say! Yes until I learned that the great British pint is to be scrapped in favour of a smaller 400ml size. Although it will be marketed towards the female market in the hope that they will buy pints instead of a smaller "half", I've learned that in fact the price for the new pint wont be that much different from the old.... yet smaller. In fact weights and measures will be a thing of the past... or so I'm lead to believe. WHY?? It seemed to me that up until a few years ago we all knew where we were. Pubs opened until 11:30. Nightclubs or discos opened until 1am.
    Now it is complete madness! no wonder we have the drinking problems we do in this country when the last place to close in town is 5am!

    It seems to me that the government is hell bent on destroying the great British pub in favour of corporate run establishment as in their eyes they have better control!!
    R.I.P. British Pubs!

    CHILLYWILLY Active Member

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    We were told that the smoking ban was a directive instigated by MEP's in Brussels. This was imposed on Countries throughout the EU, although in a lot of those countries, Greece, Spain, Italy etc. the taverna and restaurant owners have had the balls to fight back against these impositions. Strange as it may seem you can still smoke in public places in Belgium...Do as I say not as I do.
  3. 46traveller

    46traveller Member

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    The terrible truth is that the general populus of the country have been left out of the loop of legislation by their sheer indifference. It would appear that we are all far to busy trying to make enough money to survive, and watch our soaps, to actually complain about what is, and has been happening for many years. The slow corporate takeover of everything in this land, and beyond, is nearing completion. Everything from the police and court system to building societies and post offices are now corporate entities. The business of corporations is to make money, the more legislation they can impose on any form of trade, the more profit can be gleaned from it. Our indifference has led us to this point, we (unlike the French) have forgotten to stand up for our rights, and the city boys have taken advantage of that. All is hopefully not lost, but it's going to be a struggle to wake people from their slumbers, that point can only come when suddenly a government legislation or redundancy hits then personally. Remember this, a million people marched against the Iraq war, and it still went ahead on schedule. The powers that be have got to the stage now where they can basically do what they want, without any consideration of us. And it's because we sat silent.

    "Guy Fawkes was right"
  4. oldpenwithian

    oldpenwithian Senior Member

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    This is subversive stuff 46traveller - the thought police will be knocking on your door!!

    Couldn't agree more - we only have ourselves to blame.
  5. tjk

    tjk Senior Member

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    The new prohibition ! The 'powers that be' have now so weakened what was the most incredible network of entertainment and socialization. Public houses and bars are failing at a rapid rate not just in England but throughout the world due to excessive and extreme authority. This is certainly spoiling a long tradition and a way of life which cannot and will not be replaced . It was a way of ' letting off steam' and 'releasing stress' , a place where one could air one's problems and sometimes find solutions! Find solace , escape domestic arguments etc, meet new friends, discuss politics and points of view.
    One wonders what the future holds for up coming generations where entertainment will be sitting at home, playing computer games or watching Tv with little or few outlets for relieving the monotony and stress of everyday working life and with little chance of social intercourse. How dull life will be! Drinking was certainly not without its problems but wait and see what will happen in the future . We all know that the use of drugs is severely on the increase ! Remember all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy' !

    'I have taken more good from alcohol than alcohol has taken from me'.
  6. 46traveller

    46traveller Member

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    Council Cash Cow

    Hi oldpenwithian, I think we are amongst some of the luckier folk living as we do in a quiet part of the country. Those living in major cities have so much more to concern themselves with. Just reading about the Congestion Charge and Parking Fines in London will give you some idea of the monies received from the public. However when you dig a little deeper no one will step up and explain where all the cash goes. It's the same all over the UK, fines (PCNs) are being levied against car owners that have been issued NOT by a Court, but by local Councils. Since when has the Law been changed to allow Councils to issue fines without a Court decision?? A maxim in law states along the lines that " No fine shall be levied against anyone without a fair trial". Penwith District Council are as bad as the rest, thousands of pounds are made this way without any form of justice, when you consider that hardly anyone complains or thinks "How can this be right?", indeed they rush off the payment as they believe that if they wait too long the fine may well double. This just about sums up the situation we find ourselves in, very few folk complain or even question things like this anymore, they just pay it asap to make a worry go away.
    As for the "Thought Police" visiting anyone, they're far to busy trying to figure out the new Statutes, Acts and Bye Laws to claw more money from us in the form of Unlawful fines. It's a Corporate World, and they want everything. Here's a good question to ask any MP, "Is anyone who sits in Parliament a Corporation Sole, or part of a Corporation?? If you fancy digging a little deeper, ask your local policeman if Devon And Cornwall Police are a Corporation, I really don't think he will say yes, but they are. They simply HAVE to be, otherwise they couldn't deal with the other Corporations.

    They have taken George Orwells novel 1984, and used it as an instruction manual. I've put a link to a speech below which was made many years ago, and most people have forgotten. It's time the Government, Councils, and the rest of the powers that be listened again, they may well learn something..............

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