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  1. Halfhidden

    Humphry Davy statue committee 1861

    Monument to Sir Humphry Davy 1862. A public meeting for promoting this truly Cornish object was held at the Guildhall, Penzance, on Friday evening 14th March 1862. The meeting was convened by the Committee appointed to promote this object, and was presided over by the Mayor, W. J. Matthews...
  2. Halfhidden


    Visiting the school a few weeks ago and walking through the classrooms brought back many memories of my school-days. The headmaster at that time was Mr. Hichens. I can recall many of the teachers: Miss Thomas, Mr. Evans, Mr. Pooley, Mr. Blewett. The caretaker was Mr. Jenkins who lived at High...
  3. Halfhidden


    Written by J.W.Firth (Headmaster Lescudjack County Secondary School 1959 - 1972) Credits Ray and Rhys Owens Written in 1964 as a review of the school. I was appointed Headmaster of Lescudjack County Secondary School on April 13th 1959 and joined the staff in the following September. It was soon...
  4. Halfhidden


    In September 1958 after 43 years of separate existence, the two Lescudjack schools became one. The amalgamation, which might well have been a difficult operation, bearing in mind the long tradition of division, was accomplished remarkably smoothly. The L.E.A. and the Governors of the two...
  5. Lescudjack School 1920 something

    Lescudjack School 1920 something

    Lescudjack School 1920 something - Christopher George Ludlow (1918 - 1999) is 3rd from right on the bottom row.
  6. Lescudjack Elementary School 1929

    Lescudjack Elementary School 1929

    Lescudjack Elementary School 1929 - Boys who won scholarships to Penzance Secondary School - from back W. Sampson, J.B. Peck, L. Stave??, Middle Row - J.A. Negus, H.W. Streck, K. Wassow, Front Row - C. Edwards, C.G.Ludlow, A. Williams, W.?.Garnett
  7. Lescudjack Opening Ceremony

    Lescudjack Opening Ceremony

    Lescudjack Opening Ceremony - I noticed you had a Lescudjack reunion on the Home Page - thought you might like to see this? My father John Edmund Ludlow went to Lescudjack and left in 1935.
  8. Penzance Wharfside

    Penzance Wharfside

    Popped this pic up because it matches almost exactly one of treeve's old pics of a sailing boat in 1919. Click here to see Treeve's old picture This one was taken a few years ago, in 2003.
  9. Lescudjack School 1956

    Lescudjack School 1956

    Whole school photo 1956
  10. Lescudjack School photo 1948

    Lescudjack School photo 1948

    School photo 1948 when Mr Hitchens was headmaster
  11. Up St Mary's Tower Again

    Up St Mary's Tower Again

    A close of up of Lescudjack Hill. May 1990
  12. Lescudjack area from the air

    Lescudjack area from the air

    A view of the Recreation Ground, Humphry Davy School lower site, Treneere, Penzance, and the harbour.
  13. From the top of Lescudjack Hill

    From the top of Lescudjack Hill

    Looking down over Penzance in the early years of the last century? Thornberry Terrace is complete but the houses opposite have yet to be built. The fields are where Harbour View Crescent is now.
  14. Lescudjack School Rugby Team 1971

    Lescudjack School Rugby Team 1971

  15. Lescudjack School

    Lescudjack School

    I remember this round a bout very well. Looking across you can just about make out the top of the old school.
  16. The Lescudjack School badge

    The Lescudjack School badge

    Remember the badge? and the Lescudjack School motto, Honour before honour Supplied By Steff