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Mounts bay 1950's

This is probably the oddest upload on this site to date. I took a screen shot of this because Sparky started the thread about Mount's By School. it was about their recent anniversary after the school opened in 1950. Take a look at the view's..... uncanny eh!

Mounts bay 1950's
Halfhidden, Jun 29, 2009
    • treeve
      We have control .... do not adjust your hem ....
    • rrrrrrichie
      It s great when numbers start appearing everywhere. I always manage to look at the time when it s 11:11, anyone else do that? On our second wedding anniversary, we were parked outside of Paul church and I just happened to look down at the odometer, the mileage read 110306, the date of our wedding! I took a photo as proof, will try and find it. duh
    • Halfhidden
      Wow we live in a strange but interesting world
    • treeve
      To me, it is not so much the coincidences in Life, as the fact that we become aware and look at the right moment, it is ourselves that are in control, if we allow ourselves to be directed by Forces beyond our control and our understanding. Serendipity, Chance, Fate, Fortune ... it is up to us to Listen to the Call of the Spirits. Become Aware, Listen to your Heart. In a lot of cases, coincidence is simply a matter of number limitation and odds - let s face it there are 365 days in the year, chances are someone will have the same date or event at the same time somewhere in this vast world. But to see 110306 on that specific day was more than simple chance - it was meant to be, and it was there to tell you something important - you will know what that is, as I do when such things happen to me, over and over again. I do not believe in Coincidence. It is a message. Listen.
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    Jun 29, 2009
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