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Market Place 1975

Market Place 1975

This picture was taken and supplied by John Gendall. Its a lovely picture showing what is now Bet Fred (betting shop) as True Form. For those who struggle to remember True Form was a shoe shop. To the left is the building of ETS and to the right was a budget store called Pik_n_Save if my memory serves me correctly.
Would you just look at the chimney stack - the oldest structure in Penzance, and how it was then.... the crenellations have gone. Truefom was THE place to get shoes. Nice to see the outer trim to the windows, and I see the pilaster caps are detailed just like other shops in town. That adds this one to the list. Timothy Whites pulled down to be replaced by another zanussi building, we have too many of those here.
Timothy Whites once had a camera/photographic shop next door (set back where Pengelly s once stood) I would say around 1950 as you say Trueform was the place for shoe s in fact I had my own lasts there pick any pair made to order and kept in stock.
Remember shopping in Pic nsave it brought back a silly memory of packets of crisps in the shape of little pigs used to buy them put in my husbands lunch box imagine him opening them on a building site to eat Ha Ha I know weird sense of humour
That's right. Axe had a large wooden slide at the end of the store so that you could have the packed items slid down from the store room above.
We lived a flat above Beville's Shoe shop from 1972 to 1977 and overlooked Timothy Whites being demolished and rebuilt.

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