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1 North Parade

Boase, Bennetts and James Solicitors. Was at one time the Health Area Office. Notes added below. ([url=]See this photograph to compare.[/url]) Nr 1 North Parade. Change swept Penzance after the Napoleonic Wars and the new found money of around 1820. Previous to that Paul was the major 'township' (with Mousehole and Newlyn). North Parade was commenced in 1815, completed 1826. Looking at the detailing of quoin stones, and the doorway, this is the first house to be built probably 1810. This one was built for a specific client with a lot of money. Occupants of 1 North Parade. 1841 Mrs Crouch 1845 Landowner - Thomas Pidwell; Lessee - J F Branwell; Occupier - Edward Crouch. 1851 Robert Branwell,Head,M,52,Mayor Penzance. Flour Dealer,Penzance Cornwall; Grocer Employing 10 Men 7 Boys 1 Girl 1861 Mary Branwell,Head,W,60,Annuitant,Newlyn 1871 Mary Branwell,Head,W,70,Annuitant,Newlyn 1881 Philippa T. Branwell,Head,U,52,Annuitant,Penzance 1891 Phillippa Branwell,Head,S,62,Living On Her Own Means 1893 Phillippa Branwell ----- The men who started the business. 1893 - 1914 Edward Boase, solicitor, and town clerk of St. Ives, Sec to the Porthminster House Co. Limited, St. Ives, Coroner for West Cornwall, Savings Bank buildings, Parade St. Penzance (where the Co-op Queen Square is now) Clerk to the Hayle local board; Lived at house - The Hollies, Alverton in 1914. ----- 1914 Barrie Bennetts, Solicitor, 1, North Parade. Barrie Bennetts. Full name Barzillai Beckerleg Bennetts. Born July 14, 1883, Penzance. Died July 26, 1958, Alverton, Penzance Penzance solicitor, and president of Penzance Cricket Club; also played for GB XV England vs Australia 1909. ----- Boase and Bennetts were at 10 Parade Street from 1939-1941. Shown as 10 Parade Street in 20th December 1951. 18th May 1957 ditto. 10 Parade Street is the ITV office (was the Tory HQ at one time). 1963 shown in documents as 1 North Parade. Office records show that the firm came to this address in 1960. ---- Barrie Bennetts had presumably taken over 1 North Parade from the Branwell Estates around 1900. 1 North Parade in 1952 was rented by Cornwall County Council as The Health Area Office until 1960. Clinics were held in there (I went there as a child). Anything further needs to be researched in the Cornwall County Council and Rates Records and in the MH Records held at the CRO. Raymond Forward

1 North Parade
denanmor, Jul 4, 2009
    • treeve
      Just completed some notes on the subject recently - I will add them if interested.
    • denanmor
      Yes please! ::6:
    • treeve
      Notes added ... ::6:
    • denanmor
      Great info, thanks treeve. That places my photo of the retirement presentation between 1952 and 1960. This is presumably when Bellair was built?
    • treeve
      That I could not say .. my memory as a youngster is waiting at the bus stop with a granite wall, heightened by sheets of rusty corrugated iron all along there .. the site remained a bomb site for years. I guess that would have been up to c1957 or so. Is there a plaque on the building inside or out?
    • denanmor
      Not sure, but Bellair is where I remember my grandad working. Did you hear there may be a super surgery at Bellair?
      As an aside, if you compare the two photos, it is good to see how much hasn t changed. The glass over the front door, the hedge, the paving slabs...
    • treeve
      PAS Pool s book was printed 1974 (my copy is signed by him as publication day 17th May 1974; in it is written on the section about bombings in Penzance ... most notable building to go entirely was Bellair, an elegant Regency house ... house of late Brigadier Dr W Leslie. The site has since been developed as an Area Health Clinic by Cornwall County Council.
      Cornwall County Council will have records of the date of construction. There will be Approved Plans and so on in Local Authority Planning Office Records. There will be records in Highways as to entrances etc. There will be records of employment possibly. .... Note - it does not say lately, recently, a while ago. They had moved from 1 North Parade in 1960, to allow the partnership of Boase and Bennetts to return to their offices. Unless they had some other interim large house, it seems likely that Bellair Clinic was completed by then.
    • treeve
      A lot of comments on the NHS followed, hence the reaction from Penzancemaid.
      All comments on the NHS now transferred to the Forum -
      please continue the debate there.
    • Penzancemaid
      We ve coma (!) long way from the original photo of the Health Office!
    • welb1931
      We sure have, I remember going there when it was the school clinic back in the early 40s
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